Cynthia Lane, PH.D.Cynthia Lane, Ph.D.

Conservation Ecologist

Cynthia Lane has 25 years of experience in the fields of natural resource management, landscaping and ecological research. She has a broad educational background with a Ph.D. in Conservation Biology, minoring in Forestry, and a B.S. in Horticulture, emphasis in Botany. She has published papers or written reports on topics such as oak savanna, woodland and dune restoration, nursery management, endangered species recovery, insect and dune ecology, and GIS-based decisionmaking tools for urban ecological restoration.  Dr. Lane has worked extensively in the Canadian Rockies, Boreal Forest, Midwestern United States, Florida and Panama. She served as Conservation Director for the Yellowstone-to-Yukon Conservation Initiative (Y2Y), as Conservation Ecologist for Florida’s Fairchild Tropical Garden, and as Program Director and Senior Ecologist at Great River Greening.  Her expertise includes endangered species research, rare plant surveys, habitat restoration and monitoring, and conservation and restoration planning.  

Carolyn Carr, M.S.Carolyn Carr, M.S.

Conservation Biologist / Project Director

Carolyn Carr has nearly 20 years of experience conducting educational and outreach programs to protect open space and restore natural areas in urban areas. She has a broad educational background, with an M.S. in Conservation Biology and a B.A. in Geology. Through her work with several non-profit organizations, she has a background in urban ecological restoration, residential native plantings, and sustainable agriculture.  In the last eight years she has worked closely with: Friends of the Mississippi River, guiding volunteers to restore a stretch of the Mississippi River Gorge; and with Minneapolis’ Longfellow Community Council, training residents to install native plantings and rain gardens to protect water quality.  Previously, she served as River Steward and then Program Manager at Great River Greening, providing technical assistance to more than 80 private and public landowners with restoration plantings, and planning and implementing large urban restoration projects engaging citizen volunteers.