Endangered, Threatened & Special Concern Species Surveys

photos of endangered species

Rare species are particularly susceptible to habitat loss and degradation. Protecting remaining populations will depend upon having accurate and up-to-date information on species locations and population sizes. Ecological Strategies staff has conducted numerous rare species surveys in many types of ecosystems.



U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service:
Rare plant surveys in the everglades, pine rocklands and coastal dunes of south Florida.
WI Department of Transportation:
Natural plant community, rare plant and butterfly surveys.
Northern States Power (Xcel Energy):
Rare butterfly surveys and habitat management recommendations.
Short Elliot Hendrickson:
Rare butterfly surveys and mitigation recommendations.
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service:
Karner blue butterfly surveys and mapping in Minnesota and Wisconsin.
Ayres Associates:
Rare butterfly and associated natural communities survey.