West Wisconsin Landowner Assistance Program – Seifert Farm


The Seifert farm is located in Pepin County, Wisconsin. The soils are mostly sandy types, and the topography ranges from flat to rolling hills. A small spring fed stream runs through the property. Historically, the area was covered by sand prairie/savanna and native species from this community are persisting in one area of the property.


The property has three residences. The primary land uses are raising cattle and recreation. Cover types include pasture & hay land, crop land, and forest types. The owners wish to continue current land use while protecting and restoring areas with remnant native prairie.

Siefert farm


Detailed recommendations are provided in a management plan for the site. Highlights include: restore remnant sand prairie in cedar/sand prairie area by selectively removing cedars and managing grazing intensity in that area. Conduct prescribed fires in this area if possible and/or spot cut/herbicide trees and shrubs encroaching on this area. Eliminate non-native invasive species such as honeysuckle and buckthorn in cedar/hardwood and mixed woodland areas. Convert pasture to native grass mixtures and reduce grazing intensity.